The Story of Us All: One Song to Change the World

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“Lexi Jones brought such an incredible, ethereal power with her soaring voice that the entire studio vibrated with an energy unlike any ever experienced. Chills and tears all around.” – Josef Bastian (Folktellers Universe).

It was  a lofty goal, we knew it from the start.

You even might have scoffed, laughed, or dismissed what we were doing as the wasted efforts of a few unheard voices crying in the wilderness. No one would hear it, and no one would care.

But, we went ahead and did it anyway.

What started out as a creative effort to explore the storytelling boundaries of music  for our new Folktellers series, became something quite different, something deeper, richer, and more meaningful than any of us could have imagined.

It was late summer in Detroit, and the year 2020 had proven to be one of the most challenging and  divisive around the globe. Between pandemics,  economic upheaval, and marching in the streets, the world was in a fearful, unsettling state.

As Folktellers, we were all on a journey, a quest to uncover the stories, myths, and legends that connect us all across the globe. We wanted to find a way to help bring people together through music. As a transmedia entertainment company, we also knew we needed a song to capture the spirit and message of our new Excerpts from and Unknown Guidebook Series.

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