Lexi Jones

Singer Songwriter

Lexi Jones is one of the brightest new singer-songwriters to come out of the Midwest in years. Lexi's poignant lyrics and infectious melodies have brought her a loyal and passionate fan base. Her influences range from Stevie Nicks to Ella Fitzgerald and The Beatles to Taylor Swift. Lexi works with Jaunty Meek (Death By Lipstick) and Randy Lynch (III Worlds Music).

Lexi’s music has been placed in several film scores and soundtracks including Amazon Prime’s horror comedy RottenTail, the celebrated Rom-Com Karma Dog, and the critically acclaimed TUBI TV series Tale of Tails.

Award-winning composers Allen Lynch and Randy Lynch of III WORLDS ENTERTAINMENT & MUSIC GROUP and Jaunty Meek of DEATH BY LIPSTICK Productions were chosen by Folktellers to compose music for its television series, adapted from the Folktellers acclaimed Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook young adult novels. Artist Lexi Jones was selected by the accomplished producers to sing the theme song, The Story of Us All.

Lexi Jones just released her latest single “Room 415”. The upbeat, fun song of the summer is available on all music platforms. For more information on how to stream, visit https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/lexijones/room-415?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR1nSapCVAoy_4iN8ElLV6zy_Z4zY0K5QLu-OH_YeK7ct0kzi-ZTwe90nUU_aem_kLAKkZLy5no5ZhL0mlLRew

Written about living in my college freshmen dorm. One of my favorite memories was me and my roommates dancing in our room late at night blasting 2000s Disney Channel songs like High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, etc. Just laughing, feeling free, no parents coming in to tell us to go to bed! Becoming adults but still holding on to our childhood. 

"Get up, get up and dance with me to Disney songs tonight! 
And turn up, turn up the music because I'm feeling just right!
Anything can happen when you are all with me, yeah anything can happen…
In Room 415"

Latest Track

Lexi Jones has released four singles and is excited for a new one to be dropping August 6. “Waiting For The Sun” is available right now for PRESAVE. “Room 415”, "June (I Wanna Fall)", “Greetings From The Graveyard”,  and “Proud To Be A Woman” are all available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and more. She has also released music under her band Phoenix UnCaged including her most recent single "Ninety Nine & Ninety (The Ballad of Silver Jack), a collaboration with upcoming tv show and book series, Folktellers.

The single [Greetings From The Graveyard] is one of those classic jangling guitar pop songs with a beautiful melody and an underlying sadness. Think classic Tonya Donelly or, for a more modern comparison, Phoebe Bridgers.”

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