Lexi Jones - Greetings from the Graveyard (Official Video)

“I wrote this song in June of 2018 after having such high expectations for a new relationship and being let down once again. It’s about being disappointed and feeling as though you’ll never find your “true love”. However, “Greetings From The Graveyard” is a happy and fun little tune that I hope will make you smile or at least your toe tap, because even though the lyrics are sad, it’s still hopeful. Sometimes you need some time to cry and write sad songs, but then you pick yourself up and start again. “Greetings From The Graveyard” is simply about the process of life.” 

Directed by: Jake Neumann
© 2019 Death By Lipstick Productions / iiiWorlds Entertainment 

Phoenix UnCaged - This Is Who We Are (Angels & Heroes)
(Official Lyric Video)

 Inspired by all who serve, sacrifice, & give of themselves for others. To all of our Angels & Heroes! This Is Who We Are! A song of Hope, Love, & Gratitude by Phoenix UnCaged.

Lexi Jones - Proud To Be A Woman

Lexi Jones released her second single, “Proud To Be A Woman” in March of 2020. Written with just her ukulele, Lexi was inspired by strong women around the world and throughout history. This is a song about being proud of who you are. PROUD TO BE A WOMAN is a song about Equality, Love, & Respect. It is a declaration that you are a perfect, unique individual that deserves to feel empowered & proud of who you are! No matter what your race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion is. You should be proud to be human! This song is a proclamation that you should be proud to be you. 

Both produced and acoustic versions were recorded at Death By Lipstick’s own D’Vinyl Records Studio in Gaines, Michigan

Lexi Jones - Waiting For The Sun (Acoustic)

 Live One-Take, Recorded at Stonecutter Recording Studios in Chicago, IL

Full Release Coming Soon.